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While the Cape Cod ocean beaches receive top billing, the Cape is also blessed with a 200+ freshwater "kettle" ponds scattered throughout the various communities.  A dip in the cool, clear waters of a cherished pond is a favorite Cape Cod memory for residents and visitors alike.  Henry David Thoreau famously visited the Wellfleet ponds in the mid-1800s, later remarking on them in "Cape Cod."   

While the National Seashore identifies 20 official ponds scattered throughout the beach forests of Wellfleet and Truro, ponds are also an appealing part of the landscape in communities such as Brewster, Harwich, and Eastham.  These unique kettles were formed as a product of the Ice Age some 15,000 years ago.  As the glacier ice melted, it left behind massive

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While most of us have pulled our kayaks off the beaches and landings of Cape Cod, I did see a lone kayaker navigating out in Wellfleet Harbor last Friday.  Watching this solo paddler get in an early December workout was truly inspirational to say the least!

One of the best ways to experience the raw, natural beauty of the Cape is by kayak.  Kayaking not only gives you access to areas that may be difficult to reach on foot but also provides a great workout while beating the heat.  Wellfleet has an abundance of options whether you're looking for a relaxing paddle or a grand exploration.  Here are a few local favorites: 

Gull Pond

Gull Pond is the only Wellfleet pond with boat rentals and as Wellfleet's largest pond, provides lots of room for

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I am pleased to announce the arrival of Cape Cod’s newest real estate website, Cape Cod Neighborhoods.  The site went live on December 5, 2014 at 7:56 PM EST.  It was a relatively brief and uneventful period of propagation after the domain name servers were updated at 7:48 PM EST.

Cape Cod Neighborhoods is a hefty entrant into the Cape Cod real estate cyberspace, weighing in at 625 pages and 623 snippets.  The proud dad has a bit of a sore wrist, tired eyes and some worn keys on his MacBook Pro as a result of the fast and furious pace of development.

Now that we are here, it is our mission to provide Cape Cod with a fresh, new way to shop for real estate.  Initially, we are featuring neighborhoods in eight Cape Cod communities including:

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