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saquatucket harbor - harwich ma

Improvements are well underway at Saquatucket Harbor, where crews aim to start in on a waterside reconstruction project within just days. For weeks now, crews have been busy removing piles and finger piers in anticipation of the start of the larger project of fixing up the harbor.

Saquatucket Harbor services commercial, recreational and charter vessels, as well as ferries. Local leaders say the docks were in real need of replacement, though. At 40-years old, the docks were considered unstable, so plans were made to fix the issues, broken up into landside and waterside projects.

Planned improvements include dredging and then constructing a new, ADA compliant dock; including nearly a dozen more slips than the area has had in the past. The waterside

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harwich port real estate

Affluent Harwich Port is no longer simply a celebrated location of residents and visitors, but is now getting top honors for its Main Street, nationwide. The village was just recognized for playing host to one of America’s best main streets.

According to Country Living magazine, the Harwich Port Main Street lands at number 21 on its list of the top 23 small town main streets in the entire nation. It’s the only Cape Cod town to make the list, and one of just a handful of locations in New England. The publication acknowledges it chose Harwich Port for everything from great food to vendors and live music.

The new ranking should come as no surprise, for the area was also declared the second ‘Happiest Seaside Town’ for 2016, as designated by Coastal

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the belmont condos harwich ma

With the luxury of a seaside location and outstanding views, The Belmont serves up carefree summer fun on Cape Cod. This gated, luxury development of single-level condos and multi-level townhomes exists in West Harwich, right on the waterfront, mere steps away from Nantucket Sound.

The year-round complex boasts its own private ocean beach along with a private beachfront restaurant that’s exclusive to owners. In addition, the development also offers the enjoyment of a heated swimming pool and two tennis courts, for added options in outdoor recreation during your stay on Cape Cod.

Built up around the late 1970s to early 1980s, The Belmont presents upscale residences with all the comforts of a larger home. With 175 total residences, the more than 20-acre

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From nature trails to wildlife, there’s plenty to uncover while exploring some of Harwich’s conservation areas. This part of Cape Cod is rich with natural history, and it certainly comes alive with a full range of opportunity for visitors.

Walking trails
If you’re interested in taking the less traveled path, you’re sure to find an array of options. The Harwich Conservation Trust has its own Walking Trail Guide available in booklet form, leading visitors through places like Hawk’s Nest State Park. This route leads past the shore of Hawks Nest Pond and Black Pond.

Meanwhile, a second trail offers up amazing views of the marsh and Herring River. For an easy to follow trail, the Trust suggests the Island Pond Trail Loop. Yet another trail leads through

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six ponds district harwich ma

Charged with protecting hundreds of acres of land within the Town of Harwich, the Harwich Conservation Trust works to vigorously maintain the natural beauty of the area, while offering up ways for locals and visitors to experience it for themselves. The nonprofit aims to preserve land in the area that not only protects the community’s high quality of life, but also nearby wildlife, water and woods from being impacted in a negative way.

First founded in the late 1980s by locals who feared future development would threaten the town’s natural resources, the Trust is now in charge of protecting natural areas through land donations, land purchases and conservation restrictions. Already the group boasts of protecting more than 448 acres of land, starting with

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captains row west harwich ma

Efforts are underway to help preserve and restore historic Captains’ Row in West Harwich, nurturing the area’s past while also offering new ideas on how to propel the area into the future. Stretching six-tenths of a mile along Route 28, or Main Street, between the Herring River and Dennis, the area includes two-dozen properties that qualify for the National Register of Historic Places. With that in mind, area leaders are trying to come up with a consensus to work together.

Several months ago proponents came up with a design competition, asking for help from the deans of some of the nation’s top architectural schools such as Notre Dame, Harvard and Roger Williams. The idea was for the schools to use their planning and historic preservation skills to

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Saquatucket Harbor Harwichport MA

A series of improvements are planned for Saquatucket Harbor and now the proposal has recently gained momentum with unanimous approval from Harwich selectmen. Plans, which have been in the process for more than a year, include supplying a harborside café, boardwalk, improved pedestrian access and artisan vendor shacks to the area.

As well, a new 5,000 square foot structure would be used for the harbor department maintenance facility and well as for rentable office space. In total, the project would encompass seven-acres, more than two-acres of it acquired by the town last year in addition to a plan involving tearing down some structures along Route 28 for necessary parking, a passenger boat ticket booth, a garage and a workshop.

The overall project

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cape sea grille harwich

From succulent seafood to pleasantly prepared Tuscan-style delights, you’ll find plenty of impressive restaurants in Harwich to choose from.  Whether dining out to celebrate a special occasion or for simply a memorable night, we’re revealing some of our very favorite Harwich restaurants.

Twenty Eight Atlantic

Our first stop offers a blend of eclectic and luxurious accommodations right on the waterfront.  Twenty Eight Atlantic is the signature restaurant of Wequassett Resort.  Known for its top-notch service and delectable cuisine, Twenty Eight Atlantic serves mostly seafood and American-style food, open every day of the week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The upscale location also includes a private dining room with an outdoor veranda, offering fantastic

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saquatucket harbor harwich port

Plans are in the works to make improvements in the area of Saquatucket Harbor.  This popular Harwich Port is one of three active harbors in the town, popular for both recreational purposes and commercial use.  Located on the southern shore, the harbor provides floating boat docks and slips, boat lunching, parking and access to Nantucket Sound.

Because there are only a few good harbors located on the southern side of Cape Cod, slip space is at a premium.  The waiting list for slips at Saquatucket Harbor is usually between 12 to 15 years.  The Saquatucket Marina can currently accommodate sailboats, motorboats, a passenger ferry, charter fishing boats and a small fleet of commercial fishing boats.  The marina is open recreationally from May 1-November 15,

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If you’ve wondered what’s going on with all the talk of dredging on Cape Cod, you’re probably not alone.  To keep the area free of sediment it’s necessary to periodically dredge, otherwise the sediment builds up, making the water too shallow for boats to safely pass through, as well as causing of host of other problems.

Caused by nature, Cape Cod’s many estuaries, harbors and channels are home to a variety of fish and plant life.  As the silt settles and builds up, it can begin to hurt the environment and hinder boating in the region.  

This is especially true in areas like Sesuit Harbor.  In fact, the Town of Dennis dredges the mouth of the harbor every year, though the harbor’s interior hasn’t been dredged in more than half a century.  That’s why the

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