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nauset beach - orleans maEfforts to protect Nauset Beach from future erosion likely include a proposal to construct a new dune at the beach. It’s a temporary solution Orleans town selectmen are pondering as the winter season quickly approaches.

Recently town selectmen looked at a number of different backup plans in anticipation of another rough winter season ahead. Last winter the beach took a real beating, and it’s hoped that the beach administration building will at least make it through one more summer.

Several months ago a popular snack shack had to be relocated to higher ground, and a beach office, parking lot and restrooms could be next. Constructing a new dune, alone, could total at least $1 million, still a much lower cost than moving everything that currently sits in the

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cape cod off roading

After about a year of talks, including a partial impasse that’s lasted for the past several months, the two Cape Cod towns at odds over Nauset Beach patrols and revenue just signed off on a short-term agreement. Until now, selectmen from Chatham and Orleans hadn’t been able to come to an agreement at all.

The newly signed, one-year agreement means Chatham will now patrol its own portion of the barrier beach and keep 25-percent of permit revenue paid by non-residents for off-road vehicle stickers. At the same time, Orleans gets to keep 75-percent of the money earned from non-residential permit sales.  

While the two towns do get to keep funds gained from residential and property owner beach stickers, the funds coming from non-residents in the past

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nauset beachWhile the days may be getting shorter and the weather a bit cooler, there’s no reason why now can’t be a great time to take a fall walk along Nauset Beach. Extremely popular during the summer season, Nauset Beach is a great place for catching a sunrise, taking a dip in the cool water, hitting the surf or casting a line.

This extremely long beach is known for its fantastic waves and enjoyable sand. Stretching a full 10 miles from Orleans to Chatham, the beach is popular during the warmer season with boogie boarders and swimmers. You can even do some off-roading here with a permit.

Despite the cooler temperatures that keep you out of the water, the fall season is an exceptional time to embrace the scenery. You don’t need warm temperatures to enjoy a

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cape cod off-roadingWhen it comes to visiting Nauset Beach one of the best ways to do it is off the beaten track. Off-roading to The Outer Beach is a popular pastime, especially during the peak season, even more so now that a statewide habitat conservation plan has come into play.

Under the recently approved plan, Orleans officials are able to escort off-road vehicles past plover nesting areas, which previously shut down the trails leading south from Nauset Beach. Because state and federal endangered species laws are in place to protect piping plovers, it’s necessary to keep people away from the nesting areas. Under the vehicle escort plan the birds remain protected while at the same time some conditional vehicle access is opened up to beach areas.

According to the Orleans

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nauset beachOrleans town leaders are attempting to work against time, with plans to demolish some buildings in an effort to try and shore up and nourish Nauset Beach. That’s in response to a recent beach management study that came up with a list of recommendations to combat the increasing beach erosion of an estimated 12-feet per year.

The study points out that the speed of erosion is being fueled by a rise in the sea level and climate change, threatening the town’s beach facilities at Nauset Beach. To help combat the problem, it recommends a four-step plan, to be implemented over the next three decades.

Permits could be ready by the end of 2017 to begin demolishing buildings such as the bathhouse and Liam’s, then rebuilding portable structures. In addition, the first

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nauset beach orleans ma

If you’re looking for a great family-friendly beach you’re sure to find in in Cape Cod. The area has some fantastic choices, from small beaches set in protected coves to larger beaches with plenty of room to spread out on a sunny summer day.

Nauset Beach- Orleans

If you ask any local about the best family-friendly beaches on the Cape, you’re sure to get quite a few recommendations for Nauset Beach in Orleans. This family favorite is not only large enough to handle the crowds, but also not far from some fantastic clam shacks and fresh seafood restaurants. If you go for a stroll you may even see some seals out in the water.

Cape Cod National Seashore

If you’re looking for a great place to explore, be sure and head to Cape Cod National Seashore. With a full 40

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nauset beach orleans maMarked by years of erosion, Orleans town leaders are being urged to act immediately to help salvage what remains of Nauset Beach. While the decades leading up to the early 1990s only resulted in about two to three feet of erosion a year, that changed substantially just a few years later. These days the expected erosion is 12-feet per year.

In another two decades some experts believe the erosion will push the dune up to the middle of the beach parking lot. Because geologists don’t believe there’s a way to stop the ocean’s damage, efforts are instead being focused on helping to mitigate the impending erosion.

One of the key recommendations focuses on constructing another large dune on the backside of the existing one. To do so, though, would require

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nauset beach orleansOne of the most popular places on the Cape, Nauset Beach is a true treasure for both locals and seasonal visitors.  The public beach is known for its surfing and swimming, complete with fantastic spots for sunbathing, too.  While the ocean water is sometimes cool, it certainly doesn’t deter the crowds, in search of fantastic waves and miles of sand.  It’s also an excellent location for families to spend a fun, leisurely afternoon.

While Nauset Beach shares a similar name with Nauset Light Beach, the two are entirely different.  Nauset Beach includes 10-miles of white sand and surf, stretching from Orleans to Chatham.  It is a popular location for swimming and boogie boarding, while surfing is permitted between the hours of 9am-6pm along the non-protected

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uss s-19USS S-19 (photo courtesy of flickr user Ronnie Bell)

There is a lot of history to be found along the Cape, especially concerning the area’s rich maritime past.  One of the best-known tales, though, was an especially perilous ordeal.  January 13, 1925 was the day that the USS. S-19 ran aground on Nauset Beach, becoming the largest of its kind to ever wash up on one of Cape Cod’s beaches.

The submarine headed out from the Portsmouth Navy Yard the day before, and was supposed to land in New London, Connecticut.  However, the sub never made it that far.  The crew of 40 soon found themselves caught in strong winds, thick fog and treacherous seas.  The submarine ran aground off the southern coast of the cape near Chatham, far off its original course.

Two Coast

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There’s a battle gaining ground in Cape Cod, and this one has one local town pitted against another.  The controversy has to do with Nauset Spit.  This barrier beach has traditionally been a popular place for off-road vehicles.  At least it was until about a year ago.

Last summer the Eastham Conservation Commission passed new rules, barring residents of Orleans from driving on the part of the beach that sits within the boundaries of Eastham.  The problem is that for decades, residents of Orleans who paid $50 for an ORV permit have had the right to drive out onto the beach.

In fact, until the summer of 2014, residents were able to drive out to Nauset Inlet, as long as the beach wasn’t closed to vehicles due to wildlife preservation efforts.  The

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