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Now the destination of curious visitors to Cape Cod, the North Truro Air Station maintains a unique history. Spurred by Russia testing its first atomic bomb, the North Truro Air Station was born in the early 1950s. Its location was utilized to monitor Soviet bombers, as one of the first radar listening stations.

Decommissioned, however, in the mid 1990s at the end of the Cold War, most of the land of the abandoned military site came under control of the National Park Service, and part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. Still though, its old barracks, officers’ quarters, buildings and even a bowling alley remain. While the radar dishes are no longer there, the concrete pads where they used to stand remain in the ground.

Some buildings have been

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There is no doubt that Cape Cod is full of history, but part of the region’s history will soon be transformed into something new.  The Cape Cod National Seashore is working to develop more than 100 acres of land where the North Truro Air Force Station once stood.  The goal is to transform the land into the Highlands Center, an educational, arts and science center for the region.  To do so, the Seashore is using about $1 million in donated funds to demolish around a dozen contaminated and empty buildings, which still sit on the land.

The North Truro Air Force Station officially closed in 1985.  Over about the next decade, the majority of buildings sitting on the land, along with most of the land itself, were transferred over the National Park

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