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billingsgate light wellfleet ma

Once a small island filled with dozens of homes, a lighthouse and even a schoolhouse, Billingsgate Island is now virtually a “forgotten” Cape village, living on mostly through old stories and periodically revealed, in part, during periods of low tide. That’s due to the fact that the 60-acre island has been submerged under the water now for more than 70 years.

The story dates back, though, to the 19th century when Billingsgate, also known by some as Bellingsgate, was known as a prosperous fishing community. A favorite location for whaling and fishing, the island once included around 30 homes, a school, a baseball team and the Cape’s second lighthouse.

In the mid 1800s a ferocious storm split the island into two, and a new lighthouse was constructed on

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wellfleet harbor

With nearby barrier beaches, fresh and saltwater ponds, bays, rivers and tidal flats, Wellfleet Harbor is a true living and working legacy. This enriched area overflows with natural resources, a staple in the community for hundreds of years. One of Wellfleet’s most valuable resources, the harbor is home to commercial draggers and hundreds of oystermen. An active destination for both fishing boats and recreational boats, Wellfleet Harbor also boasts significant marsh systems important to the environment.

A longstanding industry in the Wellfleet area for years, oystering is popular around Wellfleet Harbor, as is the industry of shell fisherman who frequent the harbor during low tide. Found between Indian Neck and Great Island, the area also draws in sport

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atlantic white cedar swamp trail wellfleet ma

Sometimes you need to take a slight detour off the beaten path and take time out to explore the beauty and history around you. That’s exactly the case when it comes to the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail in Wellfleet. This Cape Cod treasure runs a full 1.2-mile loop through some of the last standing evidence of Atlantic White Cedar on Cape Cod.

Mostly shaded, the loop gives residents and visitors a chance to explore history while becoming at one with nature’s beauty. Located at the site of the old US Army Base of Camp Wellfleet, the location once served an important role in history. Some estimate the trees began growing about 5,000 years ago in the swampland left over from when the glaciers began to retreat.

The exploration of the New World,

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whydah museum provincetown

While a fantastic place to live and vacation, for hundreds of years Cape Cod has also held the distinction of serving as a final resting place for thousands of ships.  In fact, between Provincetown and Chatham alone the ocean graveyard has laid claim to more than 1,000 shipwrecks.

The trend dates back to the 1600s, with the first recorded shipwreck in the region.  That’s when the Sparrowhawk sunk near Orleans.  The ship stayed underwater for 200 years, and is now partially on display at Pilgrim Hall in Plymouth.  It’s still possible, though, to see the wreckage during low tide of another shipwreck, the Frances, which sunk in 1872 off North Truro.

In fact, during the early 1800s, shipwrecks were commonplace along the coast of Cape Cod, with an average of

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kugel gipps house wellfleet ma

While Cape Cod is rich with history, one group is working to help preserve some of the Cape’s most unique, recognizable and historic architecture.  The Cape Cod Modern House Trust aims to preserve some of the modern homes still standing in the region and make them available for generations to come.

Since 2007, the preservation group has been hard at work, along with the National Park Service, helping to restore, document and stabilize some of the modernist homes found on Cape Cod.  These homes include the works of renowned architects such as Serge Chermayeff, Marcel Breuer, Olav Hammarston, Charles Zehnder, Oliver Morton and Jack Hall.  The homes all share unique design elements, blending indoor and outdoor living space, inspired by the natural beauty

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mac's shack wellfleet

When it comes to finding fresh seafood on Cape Cod your choices are seemingly endless.  The region is known for its fantastic array of delicacies, straight out of the waters surrounding the beautiful local communities.  To help you narrow down the list, we came up with a few of our favorite Cape Cod seafood restaurants.

Mac’s Seafood

First on our list is Mac’s Seafood.  With locations all across Cape Cod, Mac’s Seafood is a good choice no matter which part of the Cape you’re visiting.  Mac’s Shack is open seasonally in Wellfleet, while Mac’s on the Pier offers the ease of window ordering on Wellfleet Harbor.  Mac’s Fish House Provincetown is a more upscale location with a full sushi and raw bar.

Mac’s also offers several markets including Mac’s Market

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wellfleet oysterfest 2015

If you just can’t get enough of Wellfleet’s fresh oysters and clams, you won’t want to miss out on this year’s Wellfleet OysterFest.  Planned for Saturday and Sunday, October 17-18, this two-day festival is family-friendly, honoring the traditional shellfish, clams and oysters found in this part of the region.  This popular annual festival commonly brings in thousands of locals and visitors to the area every year.

You’ll find just about anything you want at the festival, from arts and crafts to cooking demonstrations, walking tours, a road race and live music.  The festival also includes the opportunity to sample local cuisine, plus some educational programs and some activities just for kids like face painting, pumpkin painting, oyster jewelry making and

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cape cod rail trail sign

When you think of traveling Cape Cod you may envision it by water or by car, but there’s another way to see the sites, and it’s possible by simply hitting the open trail.  There are plenty of places to run on Cape Cod, but we narrowed down the list to just a select few.

Cape Cod Rail Trail

With nearly 30 miles of incredible terrain to cover, the Cape Cod Rail Trail is a runner’s delight.  This paved trail goes all the way from Dennis to Wellfleet, with the option of heading into Chatham, too.  For a 12-mile, round-trip run, kick off your route in Harwich, just off Route 124 at Headwaters Drive.  You’ll want to run east, which takes you across a cranberry bog, a number of ponds and to the Nickerson State Park entrance.

Nickerson State Park

Speaking of the

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pb boulangerie wellfleet

From pies and scones to cakes and bread, you’ll find plenty of options in tempting your taste buds all across Cape Cod.  We found a few great selections when it comes to bakeries located on the Cape.

Cottage St Bakery- Orleans

It may be small, but the Cottage St Bakery is big with locals and visitors alike.  This bakery dishes up a host of traditional recipes, all made with fresh ingredients and free of preservatives.  You’ll find pies, pastries and even wedding cakes here.

Open year round, Cottage St Bakery has been in business for three decades, also selling sandwiches, soups, salads and breakfast creations.  This bakery is open every day of the week, but during select hours in the fall.  You’ll find it in Orleans.  A second location in Chatham is

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south wellfleet general store

From great beaches and great food to family-friendly entertainment, it’s all possible when you start exploring South Wellfleet.

Marconi Beach

For fantastic views of the bay and the ocean, head to Marconi Beach.  This location is famed for it’s steep sand cliff, plus its swimming and hiking.  The area includes a one-and-a-half mile nature walk called the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail.

Once the location of advances in wireless communication as well as a military training site, the location is now part of the Cape Cod National Seashore.  You’ll find Marconi Beach about six miles to the north of the Salt Pond Visitor Center.

South Wellfleet General Store

As for shopping, be sure and check out the South Wellfleet General Store.  With a convenient location

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