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If you’ve wondered what’s going on with all the talk of dredging on Cape Cod, you’re probably not alone.  To keep the area free of sediment it’s necessary to periodically dredge, otherwise the sediment builds up, making the water too shallow for boats to safely pass through, as well as causing of host of other problems.

Caused by nature, Cape Cod’s many estuaries, harbors and channels are home to a variety of fish and plant life.  As the silt settles and builds up, it can begin to hurt the environment and hinder boating in the region.  

This is especially true in areas like Sesuit Harbor.  In fact, the Town of Dennis dredges the mouth of the harbor every year, though the harbor’s interior hasn’t been dredged in more than half a century.  That’s why the

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payomet theatre truro ma

Already famous for its beaches, fantastic restaurants and interesting locations, Cape Cod comes alive with multiple local theaters, entertaining locals and visitors for generations.  In all, the area includes more than two-dozen theaters, offering fantastic options in live entertainment while on the Cape.


While in Brewster make time to check out the Cape Rep Theatre.  Founded in 1986, visitors have the option of an indoor theatre plus an outdoor theatre, the only one of its kind on the Cape.  The season typically runs from May through mid October.


In Chatham, the Chatham Drama Guild’s season runs from late May through late October.  The location is one of the oldest continually operating theaters on the Cape and is family-friendly.

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camp wellfleet Camp Wellfleet - By Mr. Bean (Cape Cod National Seashore) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When you think of Cape Cod you probably think of the beaches and water, but the area is also known for its military history.  Camp Wellfleet was a former military training camp, opened in 1943 on land, which is now mostly owned by the National Park Service, and partially owned by the Town of Wellfleet.  Stretching for more than 1,700 acres along the Atlantic Ocean, this track of line can be traced back generations, to a time when the United States needed additional training ground for troops that would likely soon go off to war.

The camp played an active role in World War II.  In fact, it was at this location that the U.S. military began preparing for

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wellfleet bay wildlife sanctuary

If you want to really experience the beauty of Cape Cod, one unique place to do it is within the boundaries of the Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary.  A perfect place to get back to nature, this nearly 1,000-acre sanctuary is a fantastic location for bird watching, or simply taking a hike and watching the sun set over the bay.  In fact, the location is home to hundreds of species of birds, alone.  

With incredible views overlooking Wellfleet Harbor, the area is home to a diverse selection of wildlife, attracted by the sandy beach, salt marshland and the woodlands.  The sanctuary also actively assists with research projects involving wildlife conservation, restoration, and monitoring along the Outer Cape.  Some of these include rescuing sea turtles, surveying

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While Cape Cod has some fantastic restaurants, perhaps one particular item on the menu is the most widely sought after of all.  The Wellfleet Oyster is quite simply exceptional in taste, thanks to the pristine location and nutrient-rich waters of which it is found.  The opportunity also only presents itself during certain times of the year, specifically September-July.

The Wellfleet Oyster appropriately comes from the estuaries of Wellfleet Harbor.  With cold coast waters originally from Canada and northern Maine coming into the bay, the unique location helps the oyster grow much sweeter than other types of oysters on the market.

Twice a day, the bottom-cultured oyster is exposed to the beach by the tide, also giving the oyster meat a more firm texture. 

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wellfleet artisian market

If you want to decorate your home with handcrafted artwork made by local artists from Cape Cod, be sure not to miss out on the annual Wellfleet Artisan Market.  This fantastic market offers locals and visitors the opportunity to browse through the handcrafted work of local vendors each summer season.

The Wellfleet Artisan Market is the perfect place to pick up a one of a kind gift for someone back home or to pick up your own souvenir, marking your summer vacation along the Cape.  Because the market is a weekly event, you can find some new vendors at the market each week, along with some who stay all summer long.  It only lasts for eight weeks, though, so if you are planning on going you won’t want to put off the trip for long.

From homemade purses to

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user Nigel Howe

There’s no doubt that Cape Cod is a beautiful place to live or vacation.  But if you want to see the Cape in all its glory, don’t miss out on seeing a magical sunrise.  There’s nothing quite like watching the sun come up, and basking in the beauty of the entire region right before your eyes.  

Even if you’re not much of a morning person, you’ll delight in this activity.  Since the Cape actually faces to the east, the view a sunrise provides is pretty amazing.  If you want to catch a spectacular sunrise on Cape Cod, we found a few of the best spots.

Chatham Lighthouse Beach- Chatham

If you’re in Chatham, you’ll want to head out to Chatham Lighthouse Beach.  You can stay in your car, or head out to the sand for a

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left bank gallery wellfleet ma

From fantastic galleries to fantastic seafood, Wellfleet Village has plenty to do and explore.  We found a few of the best spots in town you don’t want to miss.

Left Bank Gallery

The Left Bank Gallery includes rotating artists, plus sculptures, pottery, glassware and more.  The gallery has been in operation for more than 40 years and sits conveniently on Commercial Street.

Mac’s Shack

Mac’s Shack is an experience unto itself, this is no ordinary Cape seafood joint.  While the wait at Mac’s can be rather lengthy, the seafood is prepared in truly fine dining fashion.  From the raw bar to an extensive sushi menu as well as unique dishes featuring local seafood, Mac’s Shack delivers in Wellfleet.  You’ll find Mac’s Shack on Commercial Street in Wellfleet and it

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shoreline and dunes at marconi beach in wellfleet

With four visits in less than a decade, plus several of his writings focused on Cape Cod, it is clear that renowned author Henry David Thoreau thoroughly enjoyed his time on the Cape.  150 years ago, Thoreau’s book “Cape Cod” was first published following his death.  It was, though, based on Thoreau’s first three visits made to the region between 1849-1857.  During these visits, Thoreau either rode the ferry in or rode a stagecoach to Orleans.

During Thoreau’s last visit in 1857, though, there is only a journal left that marks a record of his memories.  It was during this trip that he took the just completed railroad in to Plymouth, caught a wagon-ride to Manomet and then walked all the way from Sandwich to Provincetown!

Thoreau took his time on this

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kugel-gips house wellfleet ma

While Cape Cod is well regarded for its maritime history, the area also gains acclaim for some of its Modernist homes.  The man behind much of the architecture is named Charles Zehnder and he definitely left a mark when it comes to his legacy along Cape Cod.

Zehnder is the name behind around four-dozen Modernist homes in Wellfleet and the surrounding area.  His legacy, though, began well before the first home went up.  Charles Zehnder studied architecture in college, but it was the opportunity to eat dinner with famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright that perhaps most influenced his destiny.  Zehnder won the opportunity to connect with Wright through a design contest.

Later, Zehnder helped a friend build a home in Truro and settled, himself, in

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