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While many of us simply pass our time on Cape Cod enjoying the beauty and uniqueness of the area, there’s something major in the works that will affect the region for generations to come.  We’re talking about the Herring River Estuary Restoration Project.  In the works for years, the enormous undertaking is currently in full swing.

The plan involves restoring the estuary by essentially constructing a new replacement for the main river dike.  This, in turn, will allow a tidal flow in an area that hasn’t had one since the early 1900’s.  That’s when a dike was constructed at the mouth of the Herring River.  This, along with other alterations, stopped the tidal flow and drained the salt marshes.

These days, the Herring River in the Truro and Wellfleet area is

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Every year, tourists and area residents flock to see just one thing in Cape Cod. It isn’t the beaches, the bike trails or even the area restaurants, but rather the seals.  In fact, over recent years, the population of seals in Cape Cod has continued to increase substantially.  While people used to simply notice the seals in the 1980’s, they’re almost impossible to miss now.  

While some believe there are between 3,000 and 5,000 seals in the Cape Cod region, there are no definite numbers.  The National Marine Fisheries Service estimated a couple of years ago there were around 16,000 seals.  Some experts project that number will continue to grow every year.

For people who want to get a great picture, or go on a special tour, that’s great news.  It almost

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If you want to see the best of Cape Cod, you may want to trade in four wheels for two wheels.  Some of the best biking trails in the area treat visitors to remarkable seaside views, tempted by a variety of delectable treats and charming inns along the way.

Instead of thinking about all the exercise it involves, think about all the scenery you’ll see.  It hardly feels like exercise when you’re taking in all the amazing sites along the way.  With bike routes combining traditional roads with trails, expect to be temped by coastal scenery and have your senses awakened by the seaside breezes.  Oh, and did we mention all the fresh seafood you can buy to eat along the way?

Leave yourself plenty of time to make the bike tour a leisurely one.  This gives

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With scenic views, trails and bicycle paths, Marconi Beach offers a unique location in Wellfleet.  One of the area’s main attractions, Marconi offers a visitor fabulous views of the Outer Cape, along with the bay and ocean.  One of the best places to do it is from the Marconi Station observation platform.

Other options in the area include taking the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail.  This mile-and-a-half nature trail goes down into a swampy area, home of red maple and Atlantic white cedar trees.  You can also expect to be treated with a number of different plants, including stunted pitch pines and bear oak, heathlands, taller pitch pines and white cedar-red maples.

If you choose to take on the outer beach, make note of its extremely steep stairs

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When you head out for a day at the beach you'll want to grab everything you might need for some fun in the sand and surf.  And, that includes our four-legged friends who love to run on the beach and romp in the surf.  In most towns, including the public beaches in Harwich, Brewster, Chatham, and Dennis, dogs are not allowed on the town beaches during the summer months although the rules are relaxed in the off-season. The following is a quick list of dog-friendly year-round beaches on the Cape.  

Wellfleet's Cahoon Hollow Beach is a popular spot for both vacation-loving dogs and their owners.  Humans can enjoy the close proximity to the iconic Beachcomber Restaurant while their dogs enjoy dipping their paws in the surf along the expanse of powdery sand. 

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Cape Cod is known for its rich history, and some of that history takes on a new, unique role for area residents and tourists.  That’s the case of some of the Cape’s former lifesaving stations that found new life thanks to the ingenuity of local businesses.  With the opening of the Cape Cod Canal in 1916, much of the maritime traffic bypassed the dangerous waters around the Cape and rendered the lifesaving stations obsolete. 

The best known and visited former Cape Cod lifesaving station is the Beachcomber in Wellfleet .  Dating back to the 1800’s, this site used to be home to the Cahoon Hollow U.S. Life Saving Station.  The building offered an observatory used to watch for passing ships and keep track of shipping traffic.  The lifesaving stationed at

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While the Cape Cod ocean beaches receive top billing, the Cape is also blessed with a 200+ freshwater "kettle" ponds scattered throughout the various communities.  A dip in the cool, clear waters of a cherished pond is a favorite Cape Cod memory for residents and visitors alike.  Henry David Thoreau famously visited the Wellfleet ponds in the mid-1800s, later remarking on them in "Cape Cod."   

While the National Seashore identifies 20 official ponds scattered throughout the beach forests of Wellfleet and Truro, ponds are also an appealing part of the landscape in communities such as Brewster, Harwich, and Eastham.  These unique kettles were formed as a product of the Ice Age some 15,000 years ago.  As the glacier ice melted, it left behind massive

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While most of us have pulled our kayaks off the beaches and landings of Cape Cod, I did see a lone kayaker navigating out in Wellfleet Harbor last Friday.  Watching this solo paddler get in an early December workout was truly inspirational to say the least!

One of the best ways to experience the raw, natural beauty of the Cape is by kayak.  Kayaking not only gives you access to areas that may be difficult to reach on foot but also provides a great workout while beating the heat.  Wellfleet has an abundance of options whether you're looking for a relaxing paddle or a grand exploration.  Here are a few local favorites: 

Gull Pond

Gull Pond is the only Wellfleet pond with boat rentals and as Wellfleet's largest pond, provides lots of room for

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I am pleased to announce the arrival of Cape Cod’s newest real estate website, Cape Cod Neighborhoods.  The site went live on December 5, 2014 at 7:56 PM EST.  It was a relatively brief and uneventful period of propagation after the domain name servers were updated at 7:48 PM EST.

Cape Cod Neighborhoods is a hefty entrant into the Cape Cod real estate cyberspace, weighing in at 625 pages and 623 snippets.  The proud dad has a bit of a sore wrist, tired eyes and some worn keys on his MacBook Pro as a result of the fast and furious pace of development.

Now that we are here, it is our mission to provide Cape Cod with a fresh, new way to shop for real estate.  Initially, we are featuring neighborhoods in eight Cape Cod communities including:

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